Student Ministry Policies and expectations Here at Fellowship Bible Church we are committed to provide a Christ center environment with the student’s safety being a primary focus. What you should know about our leaders- Our policy for Fellowship Bible Church requires that all volunteers have a current background check and have been approved by the ministry supervisor. They have also been trained on how to be attentive to what students may or may not be doing and will report all issues to the ministry supervisor as well as to the parent, if issues arise. They serve in youth ministry because the Lord has called them to serve and they have a heart for the youth of this community. They serve because they deeply care for the students and want to help make sure that during the challenging years of Jr. High and High School, the students succeed spiritually, academically, and relationally. What we expect from our Students Students will be expected to – - Follow all rules while attending any Radius event. - Respect all leaders with words and actions. - Respect all peers attending. If rules are broken - Student will be corrected and asked to make the situation right - If the problem continues parents will be notified and asked to pick their child up (whether we are at FBC or at camp it is the parents responsibility to pick student up) - If misbehavior is a consistent issue that is disturbing and affecting others the student will be ask to not attend Radius events until the behavior issue is under control Before attending Our off Campus Events- For our trips we only permit leaders to drive students. All leaders driving students are required to provide a valid driver’s license, current insurance and generally have a clean driving record. One Day Events - Students that are riding with a leader or making a day trip (where we leave and return in the same day) or longer are required to provide a permission slip (the link is at the top of the page) that is signed by a parental guardian. The student is also required to sign the contract agreeing to follow all rules while on the trip. If the student's parental guardian drops a student off at a set location to participate in an off campus event with Radius and picks them up from that same location (meaning no transportation from FBC was provided for the student) a permission slip is not required. Over Night Events Students going on trip with FBC that will last longer than a day trip will need to fill out the permission slip attached above as well as the consent and medical form. The waiver requires a front and back copy of the student’s health insurance as well as a notarization from a notary public. (The link to the form is at the top of the page). As an FBC policy if the student does not have health insurance we can direct them to a company that will provide temporary insurance for you. All students at the time of the trip who have not provided a copy of their health insurance will not be allow to come on the trip.

     Radius Permission Slip           Radius Consent and Medical Form         2016 Camp Schedule and Packing List

 (Off Campus and Day Trips) (Form and attachments required for overnight trips)

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