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Awana meets on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 PM, during the school year.

The ministry is divided into three different clubs:


Cubbies (for 3-4 year olds) or two years from the start of Kindergarten


Sparks for children in Kindergarten through the Second Grades


Truth & Training (TnT) for children in the Third through Sixth Grades


Everyone begins Awana by going to the Welcome Center to check-in at our electronic check-in system with their parents, which is located in the foyer just outside of the Worship Center.  Each child will receive a sticky name tag that has their I.D. number on it.  At the same time, every parent will receive a parent I.D. number which will be used to pick up their child at the end of the night.


Children are not dismissed on their own; parents must pick up their children and present their Parent I.D. number to a leader, which corresponds to their child’s I.D. number.  We do not dismiss any child to a person who is not 13 years or older.



How the Night Works

Awana is divided into three different time segments.

Handbook Time


After each child has registered, they will receive the club handbook.  The handbook is filled with Bible memory verses and sections to complete.  The goal for each child is to hide God’s Word in their heart and finish their handbook.  After completing their handbook they will receive a handbook award.


Game Time


Children participate in a recreation time what comprises of games around the Awana Square.  Kids are asked to dress with tennis shoes so they can participate in Game Time without getting hurt.


Large Group Time


In Sparks the large group time is call Green Meadow Time.  In TnT it is called Council Time.  Large Group Time usually consists of an age appropriate, interactive and high energy Bible study ending with prayer.  Some clubs present student achievement awards during this time as well.  All kids must wear their uniform to Awana to receive their student participation awards.


Our Awana Leadership Team


Bobby & Jennifer Dunlap



Marde Dawson

Cubbies Director


Sara Hicks

Sparks Director


Steve Griffith

TnT Director for Third & Fourth Grade Boys


Emily Truhitte

TnT Director for Third & Fourth Grade Girls



TnT Coed Director for Fifth & Sixth Graders


Kisha Richardson

Sparks Club Secretary


Debbie Griffith

TnT Club Secretary and Awana Store Coordinator


Rob Confair

Awana Quiz Coordinator


For More Information about Awana please contact the church office at (281) 482-0239.



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