Adult Bible Fellowships


Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM.


ABFs are life-phase oriented groups of adults who meet together to study the Bible, to connect with other people in the same season of life, to develop friendships and grow spiritually in their relationships with God, His people and the world. Our four-part stated purposes are to


1) provide solid Bible teaching (stay in a group for five years and get an overview of all of Scripture)


2) build solid friendships among the members of the group


3) reach out to others and welcome them into the group - give our large church a "small church" feel


4) share the blessings of Christ with our community those who don't know Him.


Our current ABF offerings are;


The Bridge - college and career age singles


Real Life - young families, single and married, with and without children from preschool through early elementary


Faithwalkers - families with elementary to Jr. High age children


Grace Steps - men and women whose children are young adults and who may have "left the nest", and those in a similar age and career phase of life


JOY - (Just Older Youth) - senior adults 55 and older


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